Begin your journey by exploring a shanty town by twilight where the smell of tar and salt water mingle in the still evening air. The frigate Revenge is at anchor and in a tavern close by her crew are celebrating the capture of a rich prize with fiddle and song.


As pirates approached their quarry, they would hoist their black flag to instill fear and warn the vessel’s crew that death was near. Authentic replicas of these flags can be found in the Flag Room including that of Blackbeard, Calico Jack, & Edward Low


Prepare to be boarded by the terrifying Captain Teach and his fearsome crew as you find yourself on the deck of an embattled ship on the high seas among exploding cannon and torn sail.

Real Remains of the Pirate Age

An exhibit of real objects, cutlasses, flintlock pistols and other items related to the Golden Age of Piracy.


Why did the Golden Age of Piracy draw to a close and  what was the fate of the most infamous pirates?


Captain Rogers confronts former pirate Benjamin Hornigold and  commissions him to hunt down & capture those pirates who refused to surrender and accept the royal pardon. But can Hornigold be trusted with a King’s sloop & a fleet of Royal Navy ships under his command?


Marooning was an acceptable punishment for a member of the crew who had violated the pirate’s code. Here Howard Pyle’s painting has been recreated in three dimensions to illustrate the desperation of a pirate marooned on a parched, desolate landscape in the searing heat. Pirates would refer to this punishment as being made “Governor of your own island”


Emerge from the lower decks of Revenge & find yourself in the  beach side shanty town of Nassau where you can observe the notorious pirates Anne Bonny & Mary Read dispute their share of loot.

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